Sunday 05 April 2020, 03:06

Footballers pen letters of hope for Spanish elderly

  • Amateur women’s team near Madrid writing letters to local care home residents

  • Spain is one of the countries most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

  • CFF Olympia want to send a message of hope to the elderly

“Dear …”

Seventeen-year-old Elisa is sitting at her computer, doing something very special. A player with amateur women’s team Club de Fútbol Femenino Olympia, she is writing a letter to one of the thousands of elderly people currently in lockdown in care homes in the town of Las Rozas, where her club is based, on the outskirts of Madrid.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit Spain harder than most countries and its elderly people are more vulnerable to the disease than any other section of society. For weeks now, they have been isolated from their families for their own protection.

The initiative is the idea of CFF Olympia’s directors, among them club president Sonia Soria. “Our grandparents are precious to us and we need to take care of them,” she explained. “That’s why we wanted every player, coach and member of the club family to write to all the elderly people living in the care homes of Las Rozas. The aim is to bring them hope and put a smile on their faces. We want them to know that there are people out there who are thinking about them and who appreciate them.”

CFF Olympia - Letters to elderly people

Putting the initiative into practice are the 170 players that make up CFF Olympia’s ten teams, from its Under-7’s side to its seniors team, as well as the club’s coaches and the rest of its employees.

“Although your children and grandchildren cannot visit you right now, you should know that it’s only because they want to protect you,” wrote Elisa in her letter. “You should also know that we will make up for lost time when this is all over.”

Aside from the senior citizens of Las Rozas, the letters are also going out to their carers, the people doing the all-important job of looking after them.

“It’s at times like this that you see how wonderful people can be and all the players have shown that with their kind-heartedness and generosity,” added Sonia.

The letters written by Elisa and her team-mates are now being delivered and are serving their purpose, offering encouragement to their elderly recipients and sending them a vital message. And with every passing day, the prospect of a return to normality moves closer.