Legendary FIFA eWorld Cup champions

  • The stories of Aldossary, Grannec, Ealing, Alshehri and Rosenmeier

  • Learn how they got started and their journey to the title

  • FIFA eWorld Cup champions at a glance

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Mosaad Aldossary – the reigning champion Nickname: 'Msdossary'

  • Champion in 2018

  • eSports Console Player of the Year in 2018

In 2017, ‘Msdossary’ signed a contract with Rogue. He became the surprise winner of the FUT Champions Cup in Manchester in April 2018 and successfully qualified for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 a month later at the play-offs in Amsterdam.

Aldossary ultimately came out on top against the other 31 best FIFA players in the world to be crowned the second FIFA eWorld Cup champion from Saudi Arabia.

He was also presented with the eSports Console Player of the Year award at the eSports Awards 2018 in London.

Bruce Grannec – two-time champion Nickname: 'The Machine'

  • Champion in 2009 and 2013

  • Runner-up in 2012

Despite being the world’s best FIFA player between 2009 and 2013, the Frenchman continued his studies. “Just because you’re 17 years old and very good at FIFA, doesn’t mean you should give up everything and stop studying to try and be the best player in the world,” he explained. After completing his computer science degree in 2012 and winning the FIFA eWorld Cup for a second time in 2013, he appeared on French television, was the subject of a documentary and even wrote a book on virtual football tactics.

Having called time on his career in 2015, Grannec now spends most of his time working as a commentator and expert for various eFootball events and broadcasts and also spends time running his YouTube channel.

Two-time FIFA Interactive World Cup Champion Bruce Grannec from France.

Spencer Ealing – 2017 champion Nickname: 'Gorilla'

  • Champion in 2017

  • Grand Finalist in 2018

  • UK's eSports Player of the Year in 2017

Spencer Ealing took his first tentative steps on the competitive eFootball scene at small local tournaments and was soon being touted as the best player of FIFA 15 and 16. “It’s true that people have been labelling me the best, but I’ve always rejected that tag,” he explained after becoming world champion in 2017. “But after winning the biggest FIFA tournament in history, I suppose they can call me that – or at least one of the best.”

The highlight of Ealing’s career to date came in his homeland, as he won the FIFA eWorld Cup 2017 in London. Twelve years after the first Englishman became world champion, ‘Gorilla’ secured a second title for the thriving British scene. His success has already enabled him to sign contracts with clubs such as Epsilon eSports, FaZe, ExceL eSports and Unilad eSports.

Abdulaziz Alshehri – the first champion from Saudi Arabia and Asia Nickname: 'MrD0ne'

  • Champion in 2015

  • Three-time Grand Finalist

It all began when his brother bought a copy of FIFA in 2009. After some initial scepticism, Alshehri eventually started playing the game himself and took part in his first Grand Final in 2012. After reaching the quarter-finals at the first attempt, he returned in 2013 and made it all the way to the semi-finals before clinching the title in 2015.

By doing so, he became the first FIFA eWorld Cup champion from Asia or Saudi Arabia. "Becoming the first player from Asia and the Middle East to win the title was something special," he told us in an interview in October. "We often had players in the Grand Final, so I asked myself why we weren’t able to win the tournament too."

After lifting the trophy in 2015, he began promoting the FIFA game in the Middle East and spoke about eFootball at Gamescom 2018.

Abdulaziz Alshehri of Saudi Arabia celebrates with the FIFA Interactive World Cup winners trophy

August Rosenmeier – six-time Grand Finalist and champion in 2014 Nickname: 'Agge'

  • Champion in 2014

  • Six-time Grand Finalist

It was August’s brother who first introduced him to FIFA and even signed him up for his first local tournaments. He first made a name for himself at a qualifying event for the Danish championship before watching his first Grand Final in 2011. "The minute I saw Cruz lift the trophy, I said to myself: 'I have to be at a Grand Final'."

He signed his first contract after taking part in his second Grand Final and became the first Dane to win the title in 2014.

After spells with Paris Saint-Germain – where he signed his first full-time contract – and Hashtag United, he returned to his hometown to represent FC Copenhagen/The North.

August has been competing on both virtual and real-life football pitches since his youth and currently plays for his local club in Denmark’s fourth tier.

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