Group B at a glance

Gruppe B

Facts and figures

2 - Two-time world champion Alfonso Ramos is coach of Spain's eFootball national team

2 - Two players in Group B already have FIFA eWorld Cup™ experience: 'GGGodfather-' and 'Honeybadger'

4 - Four different continents are represented in this group

5 - The number of Grand Final appearances American player 'GGGodfather-' has made so far

Teams at a glance:

USA - 'GGGodfather-' and 'doolsta'

  • Guastella a five-time Grand Finalist

  • 'doolsta' currently ranked 19th

  • Both players qualified for the national team at the eMLS Cup

The American team is an interesting mix of experience and youth. Giuseppe Guastella, also known as 'GGGodfather-' is among an elite group of players to have already reached the Grand Final five times. Together with eMLS Cup Champion 'doolsta', who also won the League Series 1 & 2 and has surprised numerous big names this season, the duo form a strong team with the quality to advance to the knockout rounds. Furthermore, 'doolsta' recently climbed 38 places in the ranking to sit in 19th.

Mexico - 'VillaMore3’ and 'Beto19Avila’

  • National Championship winners

  • Both players have already qualified for the FUT Champions Cup

  • Both prefer to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation

The top 16 players in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings (eight per console) were invited to the National Championship in Mexico. Luis Villanueva and Beto Avila were underdogs prior to the tournament, with 'Tigre' and 'rein10' the favourites to take the title, so the former duo's surprise triumph made waves in the local gaming scene, having both previously qualified for a FIFA 19 Global Series FUT Champions Cup. Both players cite 4-2-3-1 as their formation of choice, which could give them an advantage in the crucial 2v2 games. They believe Spain and USA are their strongest group opponents, so it will be intriguing to see if they can beat one of them and progress to the knockout rounds.

New Zealand - 'Honeybadger' and 'airbrn'

  • 'HoneyBadger' took part at the FIFA eWorld Cup™ 2018

  • He flew over 40,000 kilometres in order to play at the Auckland qualifiers

  • The National Championship was held in the iconic Sky Tower in Auckland

'Honeybadger' cemented his status as his country's best player by participating at last year's Grand Final. The New Zealander has lived in London since last year in order to represent his current team Hashtag United and he is currently among the top 100 in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings. 'airbrn' is just behind him as the second highest-ranked New Zealander. Both were able to outdo their compatriots in online qualification and at the National Championship, which was staged at the Sky Tower in Auckland. 'Honeybadger' clocked over 40,000 kilometres in just a matter of days in order to participate at the tournament.

Spain - 'I5I Zidane 10’ and 'XEXU'

  • A two-time eFootball world champion coaches the team

  • Both players are in the top 70 in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings

  • Players represent UD Las Palmas and S2V eSports at club level

Although both players were among the favourites at Spain's National Championship, their success still came as something of a surprise. 'JRA Lion’ and last year's Grand Finalist 'Andonii', who are both currently in the top 40 in the FIFA 19 Global Series, had hoped to earn a place in Spain's national eFootball team, but it is 'I5I Zidane 10’, who is under contract at UD Las Palmas, and 'XEXU' - who are both between 60th and 70th place in the ranking - who will represent their country. Two-time eFootball world champion Alfonso Ramos will coach the team as they look to advance from Group B.

China PR - 'Jiang' and 'MA'

  • 9,000 kilometre trip to the tournament

  • Underdogs in Group B

  • Could their low profile be an advantage?

China PR are the unknown quantity in this group. Both players have impressed at various online and offline tournaments in their homeland, but are largely unheard of in the European eFootball scene. This could be an advantage for the Chinese team when it comes to tactics and choosing a preferred console for the 2v2 games. The duo will make an 18,000-kilometre round-trip as they appear at their first FIFA 19 Global Series tournament in the English capital.