Tournament Report shows big numbers, names and records

The 2016 Marketing Highlights Report for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 is now available on The interactive report takes you through every aspect of the 2016 edition including qualification, the Grand Finalists, tournament days, production, sponsorships and media.

View the full Marketing Highlights Report for FIWC 2016.

Over 2.3 million players from 192 countries competed in the qualification phase for the 2016 edition of the world’s largest gaming tournament. In the end, 32 finalists were flown to New York for the three-day tournament, which shattered a variety of FIWC records.

32 finalists, millions of fans Over 1.8 million e-sports fans watched the Grand Final online and the 2016 edition marked the first time the FIWC Final was broadcast on TV. Over 2.5 million people watched the Final showdown live thanks a live show broadcast on major TV stations across the world. All three days of the tournament are still available to watch along with several highlights videos. View the FIWC 2016 YouTube Grand Final Playlist.

What’s next for the FIWC? The 2017 edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup is coming soon. Be sure to follow @FIWC on Twitter and the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook for latest news and announcements.