Welcome to the FIFA+ Stadium Experience!

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During the Intercontinental Playoffs we will be using a new test version of the FIFA+ app to test camera angles, replays and also AR overlays over the pitch!

This is a test so please do not be surprised if the app crashes or there are issues. Crashes will be monitored and logged during the match. This is also a test version of an unreleased version of the FIFA+ app so follow the below instructions to install it. This test requires a fairly new Android or iPhone device - if you have an older phone the app may not be able to be installed.

Installing on an iPhone

  1. Select the below link to join the iPhone FIFA+ Stadium Experience Test

  2. Download the TestFlight App if not already installed

  3. Select FIFA+ Stadium Experience App within the TestFlight App

Installing on an Android

  1. Select the below link to join the Android FIFA+ Stadium Experience Test

  2. Select "become a tester"

  3. Download the FIFA+ App in the Play store to receive the test version

Using the App

When connecting to the internet from your seat, please connect to the Free Wi-Fi network (FREE WIFI). You can also operate the app fully using Ooredoo 5G or Vodafone with a local Qatari phone number. Once connected to the Free Wi-Fi, you should be automatically connected without any need for any authentication.

It is crucial you either have Ooredoo 5G availability, Vodafone 5G availability or are connected to Free WIFI for the Stadium App functionality to correctly work.

Once connected please open the App and open the hamburger menu of the downloaded App in the top left corner and scroll down. Within the menu you will find the FIFA+ Stadium Experience. Here you will be able to select our AR experience and Camera angles and replays.