Dubai regional office hosts financial governance workshops for four member associations

  • Iraq, Kyrgyz Republic, Syria, and Yemen representatives took part in the event

  • Various aspects of financial governance were discussed

  • Feedback from member associations was gathered, including practical aspects and experience

Financial governance and management workshops were organised in FIFA's Dubai Regional Development Office from 1-4 November 2021, led by Christoph Suppiger, Head of FIFA Financial Governance & Oversight Services, in coordination with MA Asia and Oceania sub-division. The purpose of the event was to spark a discussion about general topics around financial management and governance, including central review and statutory audit process, and other various specific topics, such as financial restrictions and actions needed to remove the restricted-funding status. Views of member associations were also gathered in this area, including experience and feedback from those attending. Representatives of four member associations took part in the workshops, namely Iraq, Kyrgyz Republic, Syria, and Yemen, with a full day devoted to each of the participating MAs to understand their unique situation and provide tailor-made support. "Finances play an important role in football development, so it was crucial for the IFA to attend this workshop organised by FIFA," said Iraq Football Association General Secretary Mohammed Farhan Obaid. "We have a lot of ideas of how to improve football in Iraq with the help of the FIFA Forward Programme, and for that we need clear understanding financial side of it. The workshop in Dubai was a huge contribution to it." "For us it is important to be in line with all FIFA rules and regulations regarding finance, as FIFA funds are crucial for the KFU's day-to-day operations and football development in Kyrgyz Republic," said the Kyrgyz Football Union's Head of Finance, Ainur Kulzhaeva. "We are working hard to improve our financial performance, and the workshop was really of great use for us. We also had a chance to share our concerns and thoughts regarding many things." At the end of each meeting, necessary action plans/next steps were discussed and agreed between the parties, and FIFA's Member Association division will continue to work closely with the four MAs to help good financial governance and management within the organisations.