How will the groups be drawn for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019?

  • Playoffs will decide FIFA eWorld Cup™ participants and seedings

  • Four groups of eight players at eFootball World Cup

  • Seedings to be made after final Global Series points are distributed at playoffs

The playoffs will see participants fighting it out not only to secure an appearance at the FIFA eWorld Cup and pick up the tournament prize money, but also for their group seeding for the final event in August. Here is a brief overview of how the seedings will work after the play-offs.

The top 16 on each platform in the FIFA 19 Global Series rankings will qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 once the final points have been given out at the play-offs. Throughout the season, players have been able to accumulate points at numerous FIFA 19 Global Series events en route to the FIFA eWorld Cup. The playoffs will give them all one last chance to pick up crucial points for the rankings and play their way into the top 16, or for those already assured of a place, the opportunity to avoid certain opponents in the group stage.

The final placings will also see four groups – two per platform – established for the eFootball World Cup. This will be done by means of what is known as "snake seeding". After the top seed has gone into Group 1, the next two players will be allocated to Group 2, the following two to Group 1 and so on until all players have been allocated. This system was chosen so as to guarantee balanced groups.

This principle will be used for both platforms, with four pools of eight players for the group stage of the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. Each gamer will play their group opponents twice, with the aggregate goals from both matches used to decide the final result and the points. The top four players in each group will then make it through to the knock-out stage.

As things currently stand in the rankings, reigning world champion 'Msdossary' would not have to face his fierce rival 'F2Tekkz' in the group stage. The Englishman would also manage to avoid 'PSG Daxe'. On the PlayStation side, 'Vitality Maestro' and 'PINNA97' would be able to steer clear of undisputed leader 'FCB Nicolas99FC' thanks to their current second and third spots in the rankings.

The season has been full of excitement and above all quality, meaning that four highly interesting groups will be drawn, with one of them bound to throw up a "group of death" scenario.

The Xbox groups will be published after the playoffs in Hamburg from 5-7 July, while those for PlayStation will come out a week later after the event in Berlin from 12-14 July.