10 key stats ahead of the FIFA eNations Cup

Saturday 13 April will see the kick-off of the inaugural FIFA eNations Cup in London which features a top-quality entry list with rivalries from both real and virtual football - and plenty of countries looking to write a new page in the history books. Even before it gets under way, the tournament has generated all sorts of interesting facts and figures, so here are 10 fascinating ones that we have picked out for you!

Four reigning or former FIFA eClub World Cup Champions are on the entry list for the FIFA eNations Cup: England and Argentina each have a reigning FIFA eClub World Cup Champion in their national team, while the Danish pairing is made up of two former FeCWC Champions. 'Marcuzo' won the first ever version of the tournament for Brondby IF, while 'Ustun' joined forces with him a year later to make it a double for the club.
The top two players in the rankings, who are among the most dominant figures in eFootball history, will be at the FIFA eNations Cup. 'F2Tekkz' is turning out for England, while 'Nicolas99fc' is representing Argentina.
Twenty countries from six different confederations are taking part in the FIFA eNations Cup. Head here for an overview of all the participating countries and their respective players.
Five players with at least two previous Grand Final appearances are on the entry list for the tournament. They are some of the most consistent performers of recent years and have each qualified for the FIFA eWorld Cup on two occasions: Five previous participations: ’GGGodfather-'; two previous participations: 'MegaBit', 'MoAuba', 'BorasLegend' and 'Dani'.
A total of three former eFootball world champions will be involved at the tournament: 'Agge' is a replacement in the Denmark squad, Alfonso Ramos – a two-time world champion – is coach of the Spanish team while current world champion 'MSDOSSARY7' is teaming up with 'The Royal' to represent Saudi Arabia.
At this year’s FIFA eClub World Cup, a hybrid model of 1v1 and 2v2 games was set up, bringing the team aspect of the tournament even more to the fore. This system is being carried over into the FIFA eNations Cup – head here for more information on the format.
The number of entrants at the FIFA eNations Cup who are currently in the top 10 of the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings. This means that half of the players in the Xbox and PlayStation top 10s will be at the event in London.
'F2Tekkz' (with four) and 'MSDOSSARY7' (three) have won a total of seven FUT Champions Cup titles between them. After squaring off at the FUT Champions Cup in April, they will also get to face one another at the FIFA eNations Cup in Group A. The tournament will provide the next chapter in the rivalry between the Englishman and the Saudi Arabian.
After the FIFA eNations Cup, there will be no other so-called "major" tournaments before the play-offs, as this is the last one in the FIFA 19 Global Series on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup™ 2019. 1,500 Global Series Points await the two winners. To see how the Global Series Points and prize money will be shared out, head here.
The FIFA eNations Cup™ is one of the three "Majors" in the FIFA 19 Global Series, the others being the FIFA eClub World Cup™ which was held in February, and the highlight of the FIFA 19 Global Series calendar – the FIFA eWorld Cup™ 2019.

Tune in on Saturday at 9:00 BST and follow the top 20 eFootballing countries in the world. The event is being broadcast live on the following channels: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Twitch