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FIFA Fair Play Award 2005 goes to the football community of Iquitos (Peru)

FIFA has a long-standing tradition of presenting an annual FIFA Fair Play Award. This trophy is presented to a person, an institution or a football community that has made an extraordinary contribution to the world of football over the previous 12 months.

At the FIFA World Player Gala 2005 in the Zurich Opera House on 19 December, the FIFA Fair Play Award 2005 was dedicated to the football community of Iquitos (Peru).

FIFA held its U-17 World Championship in Peru from September to October 2005. The tournament was played in five venues, one of them being Iquitos, a city in the middle of the Amazon region. In just a few months, Iquitos built a brand new stadium, the Max Augustin Arena, with a capacity of 25,000 spectators. Today, this stadium is the most modern and spectacular arena in the whole of Peru and the pride of Iquitos and its people.

This city and its inhabitants showed a deep passion for the FIFA U-17 World Championship and for football well before and during the entire tournament. Thousands and thousands of people welcomed FIFA's representatives on inspection visits with banners, flags, paintings and singing. The hospitality and friendliness of the people was overwhelming.

During the tournament and especially at the matches played in Iquitos, the people created an unforgettable and rousing atmosphere inside and outside the stadium, with glowing examples of Fair Play, solidarity and unity.

In November 2005, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter sent a personal letter to the President of the Republic of Peru, Alejandro Toledo Manrique, in which he expressed his gratitude to the football community of Iquitos. "FIFA will dedicate its Fair Play Award 2005 to the football community of Iquitos for their wholehearted support of the organisation of the FIFA U-17 World Championship Peru 2005, their exemplary behaviour to all participating teams and their amazing contribution to football," Blatter wrote.