The FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Dubai is a joint venture between Al Garhoud Private Hospital and Al-Shabab Football Club. It was the brainchild of His Excellence Sami Al Qamzi, chairman of the hospital and the club, where he was also a player for many seasons before becoming one of the most successful personalities in the UAE. He is currently the Director General of Dubai’s Department of Economic Development.

The chairman’s idea was realised thanks to the commitment of many people, especially Dr Yacine Zerguini, F-MARC and FIFA Medical Committee member. He is the senior adviser at the centre and leads the research team.

Al Garhoud Private Hospital (GPH), located two minutes from Dubai International Airport, offers easy access to patients from Dubai and the surrounding Gulf states. Medical and surgical services are available 24/7. The orthopaedic surgery department works with local surgeons and a monthly visiting surgeon, Dr Frederic Khiami, sports orthopaedic surgeon at the Pitié Salpêtrière university hospital in Paris.

The sports medicine department offers curative and preventive care for many players, especially footballers: cardiology, nutrition, radiology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

It is a PCMA for Al-Shabab FC professionals and for four other clubs of the UAE professional football league.

Al-Shabab FC medical services are provided by a full-time sports medicine physician, 17 physiotherapists, three masseurs, one rehabilitation technician and one physiologist, each of whom has a minimum of five years’ experience in the field of football medicine.

The facilities are: one rehabilitation centre, three clinics, three gymnasiums, two spas and one private wellness centre.

The two components of our FMCE are working hand in hand with certified, qualified and experienced staff in order to enhance the quality of preventive and curative football medicine in the UAE. We also aim to contribute and to innovate in the field of medical research related to sport, particularly football.

Established 2012
Accredited FMCE since 2015
All specialities of medicine and surgery 24/7 including sports medicine
70 doctors, 140 nurses, 42 technicians, 4 physiotherapists
72 beds, average hospital stay 2 days

Dr Mourad Ghrairi, MD
Director/Head of FMCE
Al-Shabab FC, P.O. Box 3458, Dubai UAE
Tel.: +971 44 54 50 00
Mobile: +971 50 65 50 507