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Football Medicine Strategies for Player Care

24th Annual International Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology Conference

Isokinetic Medical Group, in partnership with FIFA, is proud to announce that the 24th Annual International Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology Conference will be held in London from 11 to 13 April 2015 and will focus on “Football Medicine Strategies for Player Care”.

“Football Medicine Strategies for Player Care” is probably the most important aspect to be considered when talking about sport. This main theme will be analysed from many different points of view by covering the full spectrum of topics of interest for every practitioner and party involved. 186 internationally recognised experts in football medicine and sports medicine from 27 countries will converge to share their knowledge and expertise. For an overview of the main topics, take a look at the conference trailer and the scientific programme.

Aside from the main conference, the 3rd Science of Football Summit will take place on Monday, 13 April 2015, discussing lessons from other sports. Furthermore we will host, again, the annual meeting of the FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence from around the world.

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