The twenty-three students received their diplomas from Clement Sankat, the UWI - St Augustine Campus Principal, and other representatives of the University. The Principal thanked FIFA and CIES for the trust shown in the UWI for so many years: “Our partnership with CIES is an example of cooperation and mutual respect. We are fortunate that sport in Trinidad and Tobago and in the entire Caribbean region can benefit from such cooperation”.

As the guest of honour, FIFA Development Officer Angenie Kanhai offered a great deal of sensible and humorous advice to the new graduates, to allow them to bridge the gap between theory and practice by implementing the knowledge and skills acquired during the Programme.

Ryersoon Bhagoo and Ranjeeve Moonan, Programme students but above all childhood friends, then gave the farewell speech, mentioning many recollections from the twelve months of study, which led to a great deal of laughter and comments in the audience.

Tricia Beckles and Calistra Gregoire then expressed thanks on behalf of the whole class, in particular to Charisse Broome, the CIES coordinator who is doing remarkable work on all fronts - academic, administrative and logistic.

The UWI authorities and the CIES representative ended the ceremony by greeting the students who have just started the 4th edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme. They will be the first class to follow the Programme in the form of blended courses (classroom time and online teaching). This new step marks the commitment of the UWI and CIES to allow sport managers throughout the region to perfect their knowledge in fields as diverse as law, communication, finance, marketing, sponsorship, management and event management.

CIES hopes that the graduates fully benefited from the Programme and will be able to apply their newly-acquired knowledge. Sincere congratulations to: Nefertiti, Acosta, Tricia, Ryerson, Dwayne, Calisia, Calistra, Nicholas, Ranjeeve, Michael, Kevin, Larissa, Lamelle, Blaine, Jerome, Janelle, Candice, Michael, Amin, Rowell, Charmaine, Vashti and Balgobin.