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HOME inaugurated as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

Prof Jiri Dvorak, FIFA Chief Medical Officer, and Nazir Nabil El Haje shake hands at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence HOME (Hospital for Orthopedics and Specialized Medicine) in Brasilia on 14 June 2013

FIFA’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jiri Dvorak visited Brasilia-based medical centre HOME (Hospital for Orthopedics and Specialised Medicine) to officially inaugurate it as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence on Friday 14 June 2013.

HOME, which was given approval by the FIFA Medical Committee at a meeting in October 2012, was founded four years ago to offer treatment of diseases of the locomotor system. It boasts a clinical laboratory, a large imaging centre and one of the biggest rehabilitation centres in Brazil.

The centre’s specialities are wide and far-reaching and come under the direction of Dr. Paulo Lobo, the co-ordinator of the musculoskeletal division and sports medicine.

Following the inauguration, Prof. Dvorak said: “Dr. Lobo, the Chairman of HOME, is an integral part of a highly professional network of football doctors in Brazil, an infrastructure which will be instrumental for nationwide implementation of the FIFA 11 for Health, a school-based programme to contribute to the improvement of public health in Brazil.”

Executive Secretary of Brazil's Ministry of Sport, Luis Fernandes, strongly agreed with Prof Dvorak’s sentiments: “It is all about the medical legacy of the two major FIFA competitions [the FIFA Confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup],” he said.

“The philosophy of prevention is endorsed and supported by the federal government and we will collaborate closely with FIFA and the CBF to make the prevention programmes of F-MARC, and in particular the FIFA 11 for Health a success, reaching every corner of the country by 2016.”

In the future, HOME will be further enhanced by an extension of 7,000 square metres, including a complete cardio centre, a new surgical centre for cardiovascular surgery and more beds. The centre is a source of pride for the city – and Dr. Agnelo Queiroz, the Governor of the District of Brasilia concluded:

“The accreditation of HOME as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence is a great honour for Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. The hospital is not only of national importance, but with this accreditation it has received international recognition.”

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