CIES has recently had the pleasure to participate in the selection of candidates and to inaugurate three new editions of its Programme in Sport Management in Argentina, Chile and Peru.

We note with satisfaction that the number of enrolled students is constantly increasing. Furthermore, their profiles are excellent and perfectly suited to the objectives of the Programme in Latin America, as elsewhere in the other regions where the FIFA/CIES International University Network is active.

Thus, the Universidad Catolica Argentina (UCA), CIES partner since 2003, opened the tenth FIFA/CIES Programme with 47 participants. This new edition welcomes a large contingent of international students (Ecuador, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia). It also brings together several directors and managers of sport organisations (Argentine Football Association, National Football Federation of Guatemala, Paraguay Golf Association, Argentine Equestrian Federation, Club Atletico Independiente, Racing Club, River Plate, Quilmes Atletico Club, Sport Club Internacional de Porto Alegre, etc.), as well as top athletes such as David Trezeguet, World and European Champion as a member of France's national football team in 1998 and 2000 respectively, or Jose Javier Acasusso, an internationally renowned professional tennis player.

In Chile, the Universidad Santo Tomas (UST) recruited 25 students coming from various sporting and professional backgrounds. We noted with interest the initial benefits arising from the partnership recently concluded between UST and the Chilean Elite Athletes Association, as several of its members (wrestling, shooting, karate, hockey, table tennis) will attend the classes. As usual, the world of football is well represented this year. Indeed, several staff members from the National Institute of Football, Sports and Physical Activities (INAF) and the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP) will participate in the Programme.

Finally, the Universidad San Martín de Porres (USMP) kicked off the first edition of the Programme in Peru with 26 students. Manuel Burga, President of the Peruvian Football Association, Armando Valdez, USMP academic coordinator, and Bertrand Reeb, CIES President, welcomed the implementation of a continuing education project, open to all those involved in sport in Peru. The opening was extended by a seminar on “sport and development” with contributions from Marco Leal, FIFA Member Associations and Development Division, and Julia Sobrevilla, Head of Communication at Coca-Cola. Both speakers highlighted the important role that sports organisations or companies actively associated with sport can play in the fields of training, education and public health.

CIES wishes to thank its academic partners for the excellent work they have accomplished in organising and developing the FIFA/CIES Programme in South America. The success of this programme owes much to the work and dynamism of Jose Claria, Rafael Trevisan, Marino Claria, Julio Frydenberg, Felicitas Castrillon, Aldo Pelesson, Guillermo Ricaldoni, Christian Sujoy and Sebastian Colman in Argentina, Rodrigo Grimalt, Marilyn Barriga, Oscar Guida, Norman Bull, Rodrigo Alvaro, Antonio Bermudez, Hernan Dominguez, Claudio Echeverria, Felipe Fuenzalida and Carolina Mora Elias in Chile, as well as Daniel Valera, Armando Valdés, Sebastian Rubio, Pablo Aranibar, Joel Miranda, Percy Moreno, Fredy Alvarado, Francisco Cairo and Silvia Abad in Peru.