The FA, in cooperation with F-MARC, organised a special FIFA 11+ Day on 18 September 2013.

The event, which attracted about 80 interested coaches and sports physical therapists, took place at the new FA National Centre at St. Georges Park, an impressive facility aiming also to become a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence.

Dr. Ian Beasley, Head of The FA Medical Services, opened the day by highlighting the importance of prevention within The FA activities at all levels. Dr. Mario Bizzini (F-MARC) and Dr. Franco Impellizzeri (F-MARC collaborator) presented the FIFA 11+ injury prevention programme and its scientific background.

Gary Lewin, Head of Physiotherapy Services to the FA and Steve Kemp, Sports Physical Therapist, illustrated their preventive strategies with the England senior and junior national teams, noting that “FIFA’s 11+ has become the basis for our preventative strategies with all our national teams,’ while Michelle Pearson presented the work done within the Women FA Medical Department. Professor Colin Fuller (F-MARC), who is coordinating The FA’s injury surveillance system, joined the group at lunchtime for some interesting discussions.

The afternoon was dedicated to a FIFA 11+ workshop, where the participants were able to practice and discuss the key aspects of the established prevention programme.

At the end of the day, Dr. Ian Beasley, Head of Medical Services to The FA said:
“Here at St George’s Park we've an unique possibility to integrate medical education within the coaching programme, and the promotion of FIFA 11+ will be one of the main goals in our activities.”

While all coaching education and football medicine courses are now being held at St. Georges Park, The FA wishes to maximise cooperation with F-MARC in order to further disseminate the FIFA 11+ programme and to promote other “Football for Health” initiatives.

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