The two winners of the main award, Sonia Herrero Calvo and Isabel Garcia Blanco (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, Spain) and the four winners of the Special Prize, Saafin Ayat, Pedersawi Yousef, and Hussein Ali Nael Deguera (Birzeit University in Ramallah, Palestine), arrived in Switzerland last Tuesday.

After some brief sightseeing, the groups had the opportunity to present their work to the FIFA Master postgraduate students who are currently studying in Neuchâtel for the final sports law module.

Sonia and Isabel presented their project which focuses on strengthening the links between football clubs in the Spanish first division and their supporters. The second project from the four Palestinian students considered how recycled tyres could be used as materials for sport facilities construction. "This is essential in an area where used tyres are as numerous as the flowers in Switzerland ..." exclaimed Ayat in response to one of the many questions posed by students in the audience.

After visiting the headquarters of the CIES, the next destination for the Network students was Zurich. Here they met the FIFA President and listened to lectures on topics such as human resources, marketing, competition, corporate social responsibility and the "Early Warning System” which has recently been developed by FIFA in the fight against match fixing.

The FIFA visit concluded with the traditional football match between the postgraduates of the FIFA Master and a combined team from FIFA itself (result: 3-2 to the FIFA Master team).

We hope that Sonia, Isabel, Ayat, Yousef, Nael and Hussein enjoyed discovering various facets of Switzerland, CIES and FIFA and above all that they will soon be able to develop their very promising projects.