The Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) and the University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), CIES partners since 2010, will organise a seminar on the current issues related to the players’ contract in football and other sports in Madrid on 6 June 2011.

Among the key-note speakers, it is worth mentioning: Lourdes Meléndez Morillo-Velarde (URJC), Remedios Roqueta Buj (University of Valencia), Vice-President of the Spanish Association of Labour Law and Social Security, Dr Miguel Cardenal Carro, Director of the Chair of Sports Law (URJC), Carolina Sanmartín Mazzuconni, Koldo Irurzun Ugalde (University of the Basque Country), Director of the Basque Observatory of Sports Employment, Kempa Larumbe Beaín, Head of the Department of Disciplinary Committees at RFEF, Ana Muñoz Merino (University of Cantabria), Félix Plaza Romero (Garrigues Sports & Entertainment), Tomás Trenor (Garrigues Sports & Entertainment), Lawyer of FC Valencia, Dr Javier Ferrero Muñoz (Senn Ferrero Sports & Entertainment), Margarita Echeverria, CAS Arbitrator and Dr Antonio V. Sempere Navarro, President of the Chairof Sports Law (URJC).

CIES is associated to the seminar.

For further information:
Coordinator: Enrique A. Benzo
Cátedra de Estudios e Investigación en Derecho Deportivo
Instituto de Derecho Público, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Paseo de los Artilleros s/n. 28230 Madrid
Phone/fax: +34 91 488 78 72 (morning)