During a meeting held at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich on 17 January, an international jury consisting of 6 members - Christoph Schmidt (FIFA), Harold Mayne-Nicholls (Chile), Jinxian Dong (China), Dino Ruta (Italia), Pierre Lanfranchi (CIES) and Vincent Schatzmann (CIES) - awarded the first FIFA/CIES International University Network Prize to María Teresita Axmann, Laura Macchiotti et Evangelina Tosello, a group of students of the Universidad Católica Argentina for their project entitled: “A new opportunity: creating resilience through sport”.

The jury members emphasized that their decision was motivated by the quality of the project’s contents, its innovative spirit, its potential and the relevant use of the existing literature.

The Prize of the Network was created to distinguish the best group project carried out in the framework of the FIFA/CIES Programme in sport management. The Prize-winners will have the opportunity to travel to Switzerland to visit FIFA’s “House of Football” and the CIES, as well as to present their work to the FIFA Master students.

FIFA and CIES wish to congratulate María Teresita, Laura and Evangelina, and are happy to welcome them in Switzerland soon!