The National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine (NUPESU) organised the first graduation ceremony of the FIFA/CIES Programme in sport management at the headquarters of the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) in Kiev last week.

The 49 students received their diploma in the presence of Mr Yuri Shkrebtiy, vice-rector of NUPESU, Mr Oleksandr Bandurko, vice-president of FFU, and CIES representatives. The day before, they presented their project work, which put an end to an education programme started in October 2009.

«Talent alone does not mean anything” commented O. Bandurko. “It needs numerous efforts. The education programme that you attended is a first step towards the professionalization of sport management in our country. And we all know how necessary this is!”

FFU is the initiator of the project in Ukraine which it supported financially and logistically.

CIES congratulates the fresh graduates and wishes them every success: Denys, Anton, Larisa, Andrey, Maksym, Iurii, Anatolii, Oleksandr, Ievgenii, Volodymyr, Iurii, Ievgen, Volodymyr, Anastasiia, Vadym, Oleksandr, Nataliia, Ganna, Egor, Oleksii, Olexandra, Tetiana , Oleksandr, Ruslan, Boris Lobko, Sergii, Olga, Evgeniy, Valerii, Iuliia, Andriy, Oleksiy, Oleksandr, Andrii, Oleg Samsonov, Olga, Oleksandr, Tatyana, Andrii, Vladimir, Ivan, Oleksandr, Nataliya, Sergey, Vitaliy, Yuri, Svitlana, Andriy and Iurii.