The opening ceremony of the first 'Curso Superior Universitario en Gestion Deportiva' organised by CIES in cooperation with the Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol (RFEF) and the University King Juan Carlos (URJC) was held on Friday 5 November at the RFEF 'Cuidad del Fútbol' (City of Football) in the presence of Angel María Villar Llona, RFEF President , Dr Miguel Cardenal, Director of the Sports Law Chair at URJC University, Alexander Koch, FIFA representative, Dr Emilio Garcia, Head of the Legal Department at RFEF and Dr Francisco Rubio Sánchez, Programme Director.

The RFEF President opened the Programme, bringing together 42 students from all over Spain, as well as from Italy, Romania and Africa. He emphasised the importance he attaches to education: “RFEF has already cooperated in many courses and seminars for the training of present and future sports managers. Our alliance with CIES and with URJC, under the auspices of FIFA, is an essential tool to reach our objectives”.

Francisco Rubio Sanchez insisted on the importance to have heterogeneous student profiles, which is also a focal point for CIES: “This guarantees momentum and great interactivity. Diversity allows students to free themselves from their routine, to exchange ideas and experiences”.

The CIES representative stated that, in light of the demanding challenges of modern society, it is essential to acquire basic knowledge so as to better understand the environment in which sports organisations operate and, consequently, to be able to react proportionately and appropriately.

At the end of the ceremony, Alexander Koch presented the organisation of FIFA and the three pillars of its institutional communication.

The President of the RFEF offered students the opportunity to “touch” the FIFA World Cup won by Spain and to have photographs taken with the trophy. Needless to say, the students took full advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the victory of the Spanish national team again.