After numerous interviews, UCA and CIES finally selected more than 50 candidates to attend the courses that will last until next November.

"We are very satisfied with our partnership with FIFA and CIES. Together, we have been pioneers in this field in Argentina" commented Dr Jose Claria, Director of the Programme. "Our objective is to educate a new generation of managers able to better cope with the current administrative deficiencies in many sport entities. We also wish to emphasize the principles of ethics regarding the economic management of sport, and the respect of the professional, amateur or junior athlete".

From his side, Vincent Monnier, Senior Manager at CIES, underlined the excellent profiles of the students whose quality has been improving in all the partner universities of the FIFA/CIES International University Network over the years.

He also highlighted the very complex and difficult environment in which sport managers have to evolve today: "Beyond the world financial and economic crisis, there are numerous challenges. As an example, we can quote the ever-widening gap between professional and amateur sport, the issues related to violence and racism, the appearance of genetic and technological doping, the upheavals in the media landscape, the stronger reluctance of sponsors to invest money in sport entities that are managed poorly".

The students come from various professional, sporting and geographical (Argentina, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru) horizons. They will achieve their studies by presenting a group work enabling them to put into practise the knowledge acquired during five months.