The medical leaders of the international team sport federations (FIFA, IIHF, IHF, FIBA, FINA, IBAF, ICC, IRB, FIVB) conducted a meeting on 1 November 2009 in Lausanne at the headquarters of FIVB.

Along with a number of other medical issues, the group of physicians discussed the planning for the H1N1 pandemic at international and national sporting events.

Recommendations following consultation with World Health Organization (WHO):

• Players diagnosed with H1N1, by laboratory confirmation, should refrain from any sporting activities for a minimum of 7 days after the appearance of the first symptoms.
• Single dose vaccination against the pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus is recommended, as a preventive measure. Players should not have symptoms of the flu at the time of vaccination. Players who have an allergy to the egg protein should consult their physician before getting the vaccine.
• Education for all players and their entourage of the strict rules of prevention such as hand washing, use of individual water bottles &towels ,coughing etiquette and avoidance of contact with infected people.
• All players diagnosed with the H1N1 virus should be removed from competition and be isolated from the team until the player is no longer contagious to prevent further spread of the virus.
• Concerning the potential for postponement of competitions and sporting events, the medical representatives of team sports do not advise cancellation or postponement of national and international competitions in the current situation. However, should global public health conditions relating to the pandemic deteriorate this position would be reconsidered.
• Regular consultation of the WHO webpage ( is highly recommended. Specific technical advice pertaining to sporting events during the pandemic can be requested of the WHO Mass Gathering Team ( Currently, the WHO has not recommended any restrictions for national or international travel.