ASPETAR’s mission is to assist athletes in achieving their maximum performance and full potential. From its inception, ASPETAR’s primary focus has been on football. Our early achievements in the delivery of football medicine services and applied research led to the accreditation as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in April 2009. Since then, ASPETAR has continuously expanded on its commitment to football. 

Currently, we are establishing our football institute, which will redefine our concept of excellence in football medicine and incorporate performance aspects in our quest to protect players’ health. Our carefully selected senior football medicine staff have vast experience at international, national and elite club level. They care for all Qatari national teams and first and second division football clubs in Qatar. Systematic, standardised injury recording has been implemented in a prospective cohort study design in 2007 and has been consistently pursued since then, providing an exact picture of the injury epidemiology in our players. Ongoing education of all players on hydration, nutrition, injury prevention and anti-doping completes the approach. At the request of the national football associations, ASPETAR has provided medical care to three foreign national teams during FIFA World Cups™. 

Changing the game
Our internationally renowned clinicians have consistently built ASPETAR’s specific areas of expertise that contribute to the world of football and protecting players’ health: pre-participation screening (consistent application of the FIFA Pre-Competition Medical Assessment since 2011 with more comprehensive musculoskeletal exam), the ASPETAR Sports Cardiology Project, the Groin Pain and Cartilage Centres of Excellence and the rehabilitation of hamstring injuries. Within our concept, only research that impacts on daily practice and delivers concrete measurable benefits for players is successful research. Our studies on training and playing during Ramadan, in the heat and at altitude and our randomised controlled trial on platelet-rich plasma as a common practice have closed gaps in knowledge affecting the worldwide football family. Our prevention research as exemplified by ASPREV is strictly based on creating an adequate evidence base for future implementation of programmes. The continuous data collection enabled by the National Sports Medicine Programme is a unique strength difficult to achieve elsewhere.

Dr Mohamed Ghaith Alkuwari, Acting Director General and Director of the ASPETAR FMCE, describes his vision: “Excellent player care implies proving superior results in rehabilitation and a reduction in injury occurrence and recurrence. To this end, we are collaborating with other FMCEs to continuously extend our injury surveillance geographically. ASPETAR is all set for the 2022 FIFA World CupTM.”

Around 32,000 patients per year benefit from a cohesive multidisciplinary approach to sports medicine 
Accredited FMCE since 2009

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Chief Medical Officer
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