CIES opened last week the first edition of the FIFA/CIES Sport Management Programme in Egypt and Turkey.

Cairo University and Bahcesehir University in Istanbul are the two academic partners in charge of the teaching of the six modules (law, management, finance, communication, marketing and event management) and of their adaptation to the economic, social and cultural realities of their respective country.

Both universities showed dynamism and enthusiasm throughout the preparation of this first course, designed for managers of sport organisations as diverse as national federations, national Olympic committees, clubs and local associations, but also for anyone interested in learning more about modern sport.

Proffesor Dr Hossam Kamel, President of Cairo University, as well as Proffesor Dr Deniz Ülke Aribogan, rector of the Bahcesehir University, underlined the importance of education in the ever more complex and competitive world of sport. They also expressed their pleasure to belong to the wider international university network placed under the auspices of FIFA and CIES.

CIES wishes a successful year to the new students!