There is hardly a football player who has not been injured at least once while playing. As a team and ball sport, some pitfalls are easily identified: you may hurt yourself when duelling and tackling or hunting after the ball. But also you can slip on the grass, stumble or twist your ankle without any contact to team mates or opponent.

In football, injuries occur at a rate of about 10-50 injuries per 1000 hours of play. The most common problems include:

  • muscle injuries and ankle sprains
  • overuse injuries
  • knee injuries
  • pubic bone pain of different cause in males
  • concussions of the head

During the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™, 2.3 injuries per match were reported on the average. More than half of them led to a time loss of different duration, during which the player was unable to train, compete or both. As always in football, the world's best players most often hurt their lower extremities, too: the ankle, lower leg, thigh and knee.

Nevertheless, even if there is no such thing like injury-free football, there is a lot that can be done to lower the numbers of injuries in our favourite match - both by the player and by the coach as well as the rest of the care team. See for yourself:

  • Your key to prevention: Fair play
  • How you protect yourself

  • How coaches can help in prevention

  • The 11
  • Take your time - adequate recovery is crucial

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