FIFA and F-MARC have produced a booklet entitled 'Nutrition for Football', designed to provide players and coaches with an overview of the latest guidelines in sports nutrition.

While there is no such thing as a magic diet or food, there are many ways in which eating
and drinking well can allow players at all levels of performance to achieve the special goals of their training and competition programmes. It makes no sense to train hard and ignore the benefits that follow from good food choices.

Nutrition for Football is based on the conclusions of the FIFA/F-MARC Consensus Conference on Nutrition for Sport, held in Zurich in September 2005. This booklet was prepared for the FIFA Sports Medical Committee by Professor Ron Maughan, UK, Professor Louise Burke, Australia and Dr Donald T. Kirkendall, USA.

In his introduction to the booklet, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter says: "The foods and drinks that players choose to consume can affect how they perform in sport and help them to stay fit and healthy. All players should choose foods wisely to help achieve their goals in sport.

"We must also remember the important social and cultural aspects of eating and the pleasure that we gain from food. A healthy diet that is good for performance can also be a source of enjoyment. FIFA is committed to helping all players to achieve their goals. This booklet is part of that commitment."