Whether you play just for fun, in the first amateur league or at elite level with intense training and match schedules: The food that you choose in training and competition will affect how well you train and play. Good food choices may allow you to improve more for the same training load. You know your goals as a football player? Learn here what, how much and when to eat and drink to meet your goals:

  • Getting just the right amount of *energy *to stay healthy and to perform well is key. Define your energy needs :

  • It is proven that proper *hydration *improves performance. What and how much fluid does your body need, and when? Find out more :

  • Clever choices: What you should eat to be prepared to win matches and competitions :

  • Caution! : Little to gain, but lots to lose with *supplements *.

*Note: The information on these pages is based on:
Consensus Statement: Nutrition for football: the FIFA/F-MARC Consensus Conference.
Journal of Sports Sciences 2006;24(7):663-664; and other articles of the supplement “Nutrition and football”.

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Food For Football

28 Sep 2011