Promoting Health through Football

The FIFA Medical Committee addresses all medical issues relating to football and explores new ways of protecting the health of players. It makes proposals to other FIFA bodies and the Executive Committee. Members are nominated by their confederations.

The FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre F-MARC, established in 1994, is an independent research body of FIFA. F-MARC experts provide the scientific evidence to facilitate the decision making of the FIFA Executive.

F-MARC’s main research topics are:

Protecting Players’ Health
• Characteristics, risk factors and prevention of injuries (all skill levels, referees)
• Environmental factors and other medical matters (e.g. prevention of SCD)
Improving standards of care in football medicine
• Fight against doping in football
Football for Health
Promoting health through playing football and using the game as educational platform

Though funded by FIFA, all F-MARC research is independently conducted following high scientific standards. To date, more than 160 publications  in renowned scientific journals bear testimony of the acknowledgement for the research of F-MARC by the international science community.

While most sport scientists focused on improvement of performance, F-MARC has been pioneering in adopting a different approach to sports medicine, focusing on prevention and education instead. This allowed both to minimise any negative consequences of the game such as injuries and to fully explore its potential as a healthy leisure time activity and tool in health education.

We want to make the public, member associations, players and care takers aware of the inspiring prospect of football medicine progressing to “Football for Health” which goes far beyond the game and benefits communities and society as a whole: For the Game. For the World.

The FIFA Medical Committee and F-MARC have a philosophy of sharing their knowledge and providing their expertise, programmes and teaching material for free to everyone:

  1. “11+ - a complete warm-up to prevent injuries”
  2. “11 for Health”
  3. Laymen publications (Nutrition, Women’s Football)
  4. Football Medicine Manual and Football Emergency Medicine Manual
  5. FIFA Medical Network (extranet for medical professionals)
  6. Scientific publications