In-line with the General World Cup™  Law / Lei Geral (Law No. 12.663/2012) for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 and based on the agreement that was reached between FIFA and the Brazilian Federal Government, FIFA will implement specific ticket allocation principles with regard to certain members of the general public.

• Category 4 tickets will be made available to residents of Brazil only.
• In addition, Students, Elderly people and Bolsa Familiy members resident in Brazil are entitled to receive a 50% discount for Category 4.
• Students, Elderly people and Bolsa Familiy members will be given priority when the first 50,000 Category 4 tickets for the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 are offered via a random selection draw.

Furthermore, FIFA will also grant discounts of 50% to Elderly people (aged 60 or older by the
day of the Final of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013) who are residents of Brazil and purchasing Categories 1-3 tickets.

No other discounts or further preferential rights will be granted to other members of the general public for any Category 1-3 tickets. Individuals who qualify under more than one of the
eligibility criteria outlined above will not qualify for multiple discounts on the price of their Tickets.

Evidence of eligibility will be required to submit a Ticket application and must also be provided for validation by the ticket holder both at the time of ticket collection at ticket collection points, as well as on match day at the stadia entrances.  Misrepresentation of eligibility for discounted tickets will result in the tickets being cancelled.