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FIFA Confederations Cup

Ticket Information

There will be four price categories offered for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017:

*Category 1 *This is the highest priced and located in prime areas within the Stadium.

Categories 2 and 3 These are located outside of the Category 1 area.

Category 4 This is the most affordable and is reserved exclusively for residents of Russia.

FIFA determines the categorisation of each seat in the Stadium on a Match-by-Match basis.

This means that:

  1. the Ticket Category of each seat may vary from Match to Match;
  2. all Ticket Categories may comprise stadium seats of the lower and upper tier;
  3. the Ticket Categorisation remains unaffected from any conditions on the Match day, such as weather conditions;
  4. Ticket Category boundaries may vary from Match to Match.

Please note that the colours in each Stadium Map illustrate the areas in which seats of a certain Ticket Category may be located. In order to make as many Tickets as possible available for fans and at the same time to ensure that the global media and other stakeholders are properly serviced, FIFA may redesign the areas in which seats of a certain Ticket Category are located. And therefore FIFA reserves the right to assign specific seats to a different Ticket Category on a Match-by-Match basis.

In no instances, will your seat be located in an area as indicated in the Stadium Map for a lower priced Ticket Category. 

Individual Match Tickets

These are Tickets for a specific Match, which are available for all Matches (Match No. 1 to Match No. 16).

Venue Specific Ticket Series

VSTs are Ticket strips for a specific venue. These strips include the Group Matches, Semi Finals and the 3rd / 4th Place Match played at the specific venue of the client’s choice. No Tickets for the Final are contained in any VSTs.

VST Ticket strips are designed to allow you to enjoy such Matches comprised in the selected VST Ticket strip and which are hosted in a specific host city of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017.

Each VST Ticket strip grants the Tickets necessary for one person to attend the comprised Matches. A VST Ticket strip must be purchased for each Guest intending to attend the Matches reflected in the respective VST Ticket strip.

The following table sets out the Matches comprised in a VST offered for the different venues:  

**Venue** **Total Matches** **Opening Match (**Match No. 1) **Group Matches (Matches No. 2 to 12)** **Semi-Final Matches (Matches No. 13 & 14)** **Match for Third Place (Match No. 15)** **Final (Match No. 16)**
Kazan 4 n/a 3 1 n/a n/a
Moscow 4 n/a 3 n/a 1 n/a
Saint Petersburg 3 1 2 n/a n/a Not included
Sochi 4 n/a 3 1 n/a n/a

NOTE: VSTs include all group stage matches, semi-finals and Match for Third Place, played at the specific venue. They do not include the Final in Saint Petersburg.

Please refer to the Match Schedule for the dates and times of Matches in each stadium.

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