FIFA, the Local Organising Committee and the federal government conducted a very constructive meeting today with the State of Rio de Janeiro and the construction company Odebrecht to discuss the preparations of Maracanã for the FIFA Confederations Cup, including a roadmap for the delivery of each of the key elements of the stadium. During the meeting at Palácio Guanabara, Regis Fichtner, Chief of Staff of the State of Rio de Janeiro, who represented Governor Sergio Cabral, reconfirmed that the iconic stadium will be ready to host the first event on 27 April 2013.

“We know we do not have an easy schedule but Maracanã will be ready to stage test events as of 27 April 2013. In total we will organise two closed and one major public test events ahead of the FIFA Confederations Cup, to make sure all operational aspects at the renovated stadium will have undergone detailed testing including full capacity operation on 2 June at the Brazil versus England match,” explained Regis Fichtner.

The Federal Government was represented by Luis Fernandes, Deputy Sports Minister, while the FIFA delegation was headed by Ron DelMont, Managing Director of the FIFA World Cup Office in Brazil, and consisted of experts from TV and IT as well as Stadium expert Charles Botta. The Local Organising Committee was led by CEO Ricardo Trade who was accompanied by his technical team. The Odebrecht team included its CEO and President Benedicto B. da Silva Junior.

“We will continue working very hard together to achieve our clear and common joint goal: to deliver a perfect FIFA Confederations Cup,” said Ricardo Trade.

“It was a very fruitful session and the State of Rio reiterated its commitment during the meeting to have Maracanã’s construction completed by the agreed date. We have a clear common vision on the respective requirements for the stadium delivery roadmap for the FIFA Confederations Cup,” said Ron DelMont.

During the meeting, the state presented a detailed roadmap of the final construction phases and Test Events while also discussing with FIFA and the LOC the operational set-up plan, particularly the temporary infrastructure required for the FIFA Confederations Cup starting with IT and cabling.

“Our technical team has developed a detailed timeline which we are committed to following, namely to make every effort to fully deliver the completed upgrades by 27 April. We have 6,500 people working daily to achieve our set target,” said Benedicto B. da Silva.

It was also agreed that the technical and operational teams of all parties will intergrate their timelines and regularly meet to keep monitoring the process as well as to organise weekly meetings between the operational teams of the LOC and the stadium managers.

“The meeting elevated the level of integration between all parties, which gives us confidence that all timelines will be kept, as agreed on by everyone involved. We are very satisfied with the outcome and the details presented, which deal with all the complex processes to prepare this iconic and historic stadium Maracanã as a perfect stage for the FIFA Confederations Cup,” concluded Luis Fernandes.