South African fans have unique ways of showing their dedication to their team, and football is certainly no exception.

The vuvuzela has become part of the official South African football fans arsenal. It is a plastic trumpet which makes a distinctive noise, comparable to an elephant blowing their trunk. A stadium can often erupt with noise from fans blowing on their vuvuzelas. The South African Football Association, in a community-building project, has helped manufacture the coloured plastic trumpet.

Another interesting piece of football paraphernalia is the makarapa - a decorated miner's helmet. Football fans dedicate hours to adorn their makarapa with the colour and logo of their favourite team. While there is no clear account of how the concept came about, it is often attributed to Alfred 'Magistrate' Baloyi.

Both the vuvuzela and the makarapa are unique to South African football. In addition to this, fans also sometimes wear large sunglasses or signs with phrases dedicated to their team. Face painting is also common practice, often with dedicated fans painting the South African flag on their face.