Analysis by Alvin Corneal
This was an interesting game because Tunisia enjoyed a very good first half and the amount of possession they had must have been pleasing to their coach Roger Lemerre. However their final pass was not always as good as it should have been otherwise the result might have been different. In the first period they controlled the midfield more, their overlapping runs were very good and their crosses also showed high quality.

In this period Germany had problems because there were spaces between their midfield and defence and I think they also suffered from a lack of communication. Also you have to acknowledge that the penetration Tunisia achieved was forcing mistakes from the German team. But fortunately for the home side, Tunisia could not find the finishing touch.

Jurgen Klinsmann obviously discussed this with his players at half-time and after that we saw much more positive play from the home team. There was a lot more mobility to the German play. The coach's personnel changes were very good and in the second period they were able to do what they probably were expecting to do in the opening period.

"When Germany got on top Tunisia's heads dropped. They were still trying to play a possession game but the more pressure they had to absorb, the more difficult it became for them to find their man with the pass. Germany were impressive the way they responded to scoring their first goal and proceeded to drive home their advantage. The third goal, put away by Mike Hanke, deserves special mention. It was skilfully created and finished off well.