At the forthcoming FIFA Confederations Cup in France next month, world football’s governing body will be dedicating 21 and 22 June to the fight against racism, coinciding with the second FIFA Anti-Discrimination Day.

The event will be marked by a variety of activities designed to demonstrate a firm stance against racism, not only in football but also in society in general. The teams taking part will, for example, unite during the matches on these days to send an unequivocal message denouncing this blight marring modern society.

As part of the fair play campaign, a new slogan will highlight FIFA Anti-Discrimination Day: “My Game is Fair Play”.

And for the first time in a final competition of FIFA, a handshake procedure among rival players at the end of the match will form an integral and official part of the protocol for the FIFA Confederations Cup. This gesture, approved by the FIFA Executive Committee on 7 March 2003, will also feature at the traditional Blue Stars/FIFA Youth Cup in Zurich, Switzerland on 28 and 29 May.

This “final gesture of protocol” is intended to provide a dignified conclusion to every match, and will at the same time set a sporting example to spectators of the need to regard a competition for what it is: a simple game in which respect for rivals and referees comes before the contest itself.

FIFA is well aware of the power of sport (and especially football) to combat racism and violence, and is totally committed to taking steps to eradicate these pernicious trends in society and football.

FIFA organised the first international day to kick racism out of football on 7 July 2002, after the Extraordinary Congress in Buenos Aires in 2001 had approved such action (full text of the FIFA anti-racism resolution under ).

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