At every FIFA World Cup there is always a number of official special awards being offered. Almost all of them have a long-standing tradition. The three official awards are as follows :

adidas Golden Shoe Award:
In keeping with tradition, the adidas company will present the Golden Shoe Award to the player scoring the highest number of goals. Assists will only be taken into consideration if two or more players are equal on goals scored.The FIFA Technical Study Group, a member of which will be present at each match, will decide whether an assist is to be counted as such. FIFA will issue updated scorer rankings throughout the tournament which will be distributed to the media and be accessible on the Internet. In 1997, the award went to Brazilian striker Romario.

adidas Golden Ball:
This Award goes to the outstanding player of the competition, as voted by the media present at the World Cup. The vote is organised at the end of the World Cup by adidas, and the results will be announced after the competition has ended with the support of the FIFA Communications Division. Denilson of Brazil won the Golden Ball 1997 in Saudi Arabia.

FIFA Fair Play Award:
This is awarded to the team with the best record of fair play according to a points system and criteria established by the FIFA Fair Play Committee: there will be periodic standings issued by FIFA for the media's information. At the last FIFA Confederations Cup, the Fair Play trophy went to the of South Africa.