Oscar Tabarez, Uruguay coach
"This game has been good for the FIFA Confederations Cup and it was a match worthy of two semi-finalists. Both sides proved that they could well have reached the final. Italy were better in the penalty shoot-out, you have to congratulate them for that. We wanted third place and we’re sad not to have achieved it, but we’re not frustrated because we gave absolutely everything we had out on the pitch. This experience will be really valuable for us in the future and in what's coming up [in the short term], which is also very important."

Cesare Prandelli, Italy coach.
"We played a great first half, our best of this competition. In the second half we ran into a few problems, particularly physical ones, and that meant we suffered in what was a very even game. The most important feature of this evening has been the character shown, which was fantastic. I’d like to congratulate all my players from the bottom of my heart for giving everything they had on the pitch, right up to 30 June! I’m convinced we’re on the right track and that we have to keep pressing on. I’m very proud."