Vicente del Bosque, Spain coach
We have to take the positive view. Spain played well and approached the game in the right way, which is the best way of showing respect to your opponents. The difference in class was obvious and reflected the gap between the professional and the amateur game. Tahiti set an example in terms of fair play and went forward whenever they had the opportunity. We didn’t score more goals because they didn’t let us. This game hasn’t damaged football in any way. In some ways it’s made it even stronger.

Eddy Etaeta, Tahiti coach
We knew we were going to be playing in a top-class international tournament, and even though we’ve come away with a defeat, we’re looking on the Spain game as a victory. What’s happened to us in Brazil has come as a huge surprise because we’ve had tremendous support from the fans despite being heavily beaten. We’ve won the hearts of the people. Obrigado everyone.