Vicente del Bosque, Spain coach

We were dominant throughout the match, except at set pieces, where we struggled a little more than we should have, with Suarez’s goal being a good example. Things got a bit hurried towards the end, as we tried to hold on to the result, but we actually deserved to be ahead by more. At 2-0, it’s natural for the players to relax a little, hence the tricky last few minutes. This result puts us in a good position in terms of qualifying for the semi-finals.

Oscar Tabarez, Uruguay coach
Spain played much better than us and completely deserved their victory. They really imposed their game on us, especially in the first half. Our organisation was a bit lacking and we didn’t win the ball back enough. We tried to get more into the match in the second half, as we were playing for pride and didn’t want to be embarrassed; it was a tough situation. We did manage to make more of a game of it at that point, although we probably have to admit that our opposition had taken their foot off the pedal a little by then. We saved face and put in a decent effort, although at times we played well below our usual standards.