Joel Santana, South Africa coach
For the first 20 minutes, we were very nervous and that is only to be expected from a team that is playing at home in such a big tournament, but after that, I think we dominated the game. I do expect people to have an opinion which we have to respect. But if you look carefully at the game, I think we played well. We played with lot of safety and security. They were defensive and they made movement difficult for us. But we were better in all aspects in this game. We created a lot of chances, but we couldn't score.

Bora Milutinovic, Iraq coach
I'm very happy with the results because I believe it gives us a chance to qualify for the next stage which is the semi-finals. Before this match, I think people were anxious about this team and what it could achieve. After today's performance, I think we are on the right track. This is a very important competition for us. As for this game; some people might say it was boring, some might say it was good, but we are excited. We are going to celebrate this result now and then wait for the next game.

Teko Modise, South Africa midfielder
I'm happy and I'm proud as being named as the Man of the Match, but of course I would have been even happier if we had won. Iraq played defensively throughout and we failed as a team when we had to attack. Sometimes there were five defenders against two of us. The next match will be very difficult because the pressure is getting higher and higher. We need to secure the next six points available.

Nashat Akram, Iraq midfielder
We are really happy with this result. Yes, we might have been lucky, but that's football. We should not forget that we played against a great team at their home ground. In the end, one point is better than nothing. Our main goal is to go to the semi-finals and that would be a great achievement for us.

Siboniso Gaxa, South Africa defender
If you at this game, we didn't win one point, we actually lost two. We had a lot of chances but obviously we couldn't score. We didn't play as good as we can do, but you cannot forget they made it difficult for us by holding out for the draw. We still have a chance to go through but to reach that goal, we have to win our next match.

Emad Mohammed, Iraq striker
This was a good game for us, we didn't let the crowd intimidate us. We had a game-plan and we followed it. One point is better than nothing. Sometimes in football, you have to be lucky. We have a tough game against Spain next, they are European champions and ranked No1 in the world.