In today's globalised world, the culinary delights of most cultures transcend their own borders. That said, many will still argue that to truly experience a nation's cuisine, one has to sample it in its country of origin. And so to coincide with its stay in Japan for the FIFA Club World Cup, canvassed representatives of the participating teams on their fondness for Japanese food, and found many who knew a thing or two about the country's fabled cuisine.

Keryn Jordan (South Africa, striker, Auckland City)
I love Japanese food. There's a sake bar on Manukau just round the corner from our training ground, and we always go there to eat sushi. After they've finished serving they have karaoke, and so we have a great time there.

Ross Nicholson (New Zealand, goalkeeper, Auckland City)
No question about it, I adore sushi.

Paul Urlovic (New Zealand, striker, Auckland City)
I'm only familiar with sushi, but I've travelled to a lot of Asian countries with the national team and so have tried many different rice dishes. I must confess, though, I'm more of a fillet steak man.

Lilian Thuram (France, defender, Barcelona)
Yes, I really like Japanese food, but I couldn't name my favourite dish.

Ronaldinho (Brazil, midfielder/forward. Barcelona)
I've tried it and I like it, but I'm no expert on Japanese food.

Gianluca Zambrotta (Italy, defender, Barcelona) 
I'm fond of Japanese food and have gone to a good few Japanese restaurants. My favourite dishes are the classics: sushi and sashimi. One California roll please! (laughs)

Kim Hyeung Bum (Korea Republic, midfielder, Jeonbuk Motors)
I love natto (a fermented soybean dish). I tasted it once in Japan and then bought loads to take back to my country. What's more, it's very good for you.

Kim Hyun Su (Korea Republic, midfielder, Jeonbuk Motors)
I really like the food in Japan. For us Koreans it's second nature, so we eat it all, especially sushi.

Jose Antonio Castro (Mexico, defender, Club America)
Apart from sushi and a few other dishes they sell in Mexico, I don't know too much about Japanese food. However, I'm keen to learn more about the country's culinary traditions.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco (Mexico, striker, Club America)
I adore it, it's delicious. That said, back home we don't see the real Japanese food, not like here.

Clemer (Brazil, goalkeeper, Internacional)
My wife is a big fan, and so we always go out to Japanese restaurants in Porto Alegre.

Fernandao (Brazil, striker, Internacional)
I've always liked Japanese food, and now I'm going to try even more dishes.

Pedro Iarley (Brazil, striker, Internacional)
Japanese food is exquisite and, as a matter of fact, it's very popular in Porto Alegre.

Emad Moteab (Egypt, striker, Al Ahly)
I love sushi.