Frank Rijkaard (Barcelona coach)
I'm extremely happy with the result. Starting well always helps you settle at a tournament. But I don't think everything we did was good today. We'll have to make a few changes. Victor Valdes had plenty to do in the first half. That's something we'll have to improve. My team needed quite a while to find their rhythm. I'm happy Club America weren't able to exploit this weakness. I only stopped worrying after we went 3-0 up.

We were mentally stronger than Club America today, although we shouldn't have lost concentration after the opening goals.

Asked whether jetlag had been a factor
We're all suffering from jetlag. You do need time to get over it. I was in the dressing room and saw that the players were tired. The match expended a lot of energy. Now we need to rest ahead of the final.

On Deco
He was very influential, his positioning was good. There was danger whenever he was on the ball. He was very important for us today and scored a great goal.

On Internacional
I'm not worried about Internacional, quite the opposite. I'm looking forward to playing this team. They have some very good players and come from the (spiritual) home of football. I'm hoping for an attractive final. They do have a slight advantage as they've been in Japan for a little longer.

Luis Fernando Tena (Club America coach)
Barcelona are the number one club in the world, they're simply excellent. It was a very good match, but getting anything from the game was always going to be difficult. They were letting the ball do the work, and they tried to catch us on the break a couple of times in the first half. We lost our shape in the opening forty-five instead of taking the pace out of the game.

On the difference between Barcelona and America
Barcelona are better than any team in Mexico. They have better individuals, they're quicker and, more than anything else, they have far more ideas in attack.

Whether Internacional can beat Barcelona in the Final
After everything I've seen so far - today's game, and I watched Inter on TV yesterday - I don't think so. They're so much better than any other team and I believe they're going to win.

Why he chose not to select Blanco
We went out there looking to retain possession. I think it would have been wrong to play Blanco from the start, as he's a striker. I was looking to close down the space.