Comments from the two coaches after the match for third place between Egypt's Al Ahly and Mexico's side Club America on Sunday 17 December at the International Stadium in Yokohama.

Manuel Jose (Al Ahly coach)
We put on a real high-quality display. Our style this time was more 'European' than it was last year. In retrospect, I don't see why we couldn't have made it to the final. Every time we play a club from outside Africa we pick up valuable experience. I wanted us to be able to take part in this competition again so that we could show everyone the real Al Ahly, and today we did just that. Our players have been playing for the last two years without a break, and I'm so proud of them. We were too tense in the game against Internacional, but today we were able to demonstrate our competitive strength. I'd like to dedicate this victory to Egypt, and to Africa.

Luis Fernando Tena (Club America coach)
We had a poor first half. In the second half we had more possession and started to create more scoring chances. The game against Barcelona was difficult for us, but we were determined to finish third and I sincerely thought we would win today. After we scored the equaliser we really went for it. We took risks going forward and that left spaces in midfield and at the back which our opponents exploited. Their No22 (Mohamed Aboutrika) really stood out for Al Ahly. He could play for any team in the world and not look out of place. I genuinely believed that we could get a good result today, and I can only apologise to our fans for failing to live up to their expectations.