Choi Kang Hee (Coach of Jeonbuk Motors)
Taking part in this competition and having the chance to play in such a tournament has taught the players a great deal. We already know roughly what it takes to win in Asia, but here I felt we came up short in various respects, and so next year we'll be aiming to raise our game to a new level. Our play is way too erratic, and we've got to do something about these highs and lows. We need a stronger bench, too, so I'm planning to make some reinforcements next year. Lee Hyun Seung just turned 18 but he already has potential to be like Park Ji-Sung. He still makes loads of mistakes, but today he scored a goal and in fact performed well beyond my expectations.

Allan Jones (Coach of Auckland City)
This competition is open to professionals and amateurs alike, and I think it's fantastic. The hospitality and thoughtfulness we've been shown has been amazing, and it's a genuine honour to have been able to take part in this competition. As amateurs we gave it our best shot against professional teams, but we failed to score in either game. In terms of creating chances, though, we did better this evening than in our first outing.

I used Teruo Iwamoto as a sub because I thought that with his injury he'd find it hard to play 90 minutes. Instead I tried to make the best possible use of him. More than just his technique, every time he touched the ball he got a tremendous response from the crowd, and that really brought home to me what it's like to play as a professional.

Teruo Iwamoto (Auckland City)
My first free-kick didn't go too well because I wasn't properly warmed up. To be frank I wish I'd had a chance to take one nearer the box. I was out of action for two-and-a-half years, but it was a great experience to be able to play in this fantastic competition. I'm very satisfied. I wanted to go out with a goal if I could, but in any case I never expected this much support at the National Stadium, so far away from my old team's base in northeast Japan. I've announced my retirement, but on this showing I feel I've still got plenty of football left in me.