Deco (Barcelona, Spain)
We are happy with our performance and confident we will attain our objective of getting to the final. I think we played well but we can do even better than that. America had a few chances but didn't put them away. We had some too and scored four, and that was the difference between the two teams. Sunday is a final, and there are no favourites in a final.

Ronaldinho (Barcelona, Spain)
Obviously we played pretty well today. They're a good side but we made the most of our chances and can go back to the hotel happy with our work. We've played better than that, and we know the final's going to be much tougher. I've said it before and I'll say it again - we're not the favourites. We haven't had a proper night's sleep yet and Inter are in great physical shape. The game against Inter is special because it's the final of a tournament Barcelona have never won, not because I used to play for Gremio (Inter's arch-rivals).

Carles Puyol (Barcelona, Spain)
It wasn't as easy as the scoreline suggests. We scored and they ran hard to close us down, but then we managed to control the game. Are we favourites for the final? I don't think so, but I hope we can play as well as we did today.

Rafael Marquez (Barcelona, Spain)
When we're fully fit and we play well, it's hard to see us losing. I expected a bit more from America to be honest, but all we were bothered about was doing our job, not what our opponents were doing. It's up to the journalists to decide if European football is that much better that the Mexican game. That's not my job.

Salvador Cabanas (Club America, Mexico)
They were the better side and they showed that. We showed them too much respect and we underperformed. It's tough but we'll just have to move on, pick ourselves up and try and win our next game.

Nelson Cuevas (Club America, Mexico)
It was a disastrous defeat. To lose 4-0 is too much. There was a huge difference between the two sides, and they're not the best side in the world for nothing. Maybe we gave them too much respect, and to make matters worse we failed to take our opportunities. I'm a bit annoyed because we could have done much better. I feel very sad actually.

Claudio Lopez (Club America, Mexico)
You saw the difference between the two sides today, above all when they've got the ball. I missed a good chance early on, then they scored and took control of the game. I suppose you could say we showed more respect than we should have, but the fact is I think they played really, really well.