This is what the players had to say after the whistle had blown on the final of the 2006 FIFA Club World Cup.

Clemer (SC Internacional, Brazil)
I can't imagine anything more satisfying. This is an incredibly joyous occasion for us, the club and its fans, especially as it's the first time Inter have won this trophy. The game played out just as we'd planned. We kept things tight at the back to lay the foundations for our own attacking play. In the end we took full advantage of one of our counter-attacks, but I feel that if we'd been a bit more adventurous, things could have gone even better for us.

Fernandao (SC Internacional, Brazil)
Everything just fell into place. We knew that we were going to have to mark Barcelona really tightly, not let them break through from midfield, and leave forward players high up the pitch to try and hit them on the break, and that's how we won the match. Did we deserve the win? Yes, of course, because we were playing against the best team in the world.

Iarley (SC Internacional, Brazil)
To tell you the truth, the game turned out just the way we wanted. We were extremely focused, we marked them very tightly and we didn't let Barcelona play their football. We were also clinical enough to score a goal at a really good time. I'm very pleased to have been awarded the Silver Ball, because it shows that I played my part in helping the team win the title.

Adriano (SC Internacional, Brazil)
It's an incredible feeling to have come on as sub and scored the goal that made us world champions. Everybody was talking about Barcelona and how great their players are, which they are by the way, but this Inter side deserved to win. As I was about to go on the pitch, (Abel) Braga told me to play nice, steady football, and that he believed in me. With God's help, I managed to do what he'd asked of me. We proved that we are a good bunch of players and that every member of the squad has an important role to play.

Deco (FC Barcelona, Spain)
We were playing the better football but we couldn't take the chances that came our way. Inter defended really well and settled the game with one counter-attack. We knew that they were going to approach the match that way, but when they scored so late on it didn't give us much time to get back on level terms. Now you can all see why we said we weren't favourites. And I won't hear any talk about deserving it or not: if they won the game then they deserved it. 

Ronaldinho (FC Barcelona, Spain)
We're disappointed, but losing is part of life. Discussing who deserved to win is not going to affect the result, so we'll just have to work that much harder and not make the same mistakes again. What were we missing? I think we lacked a bit of luck, but we're on the right track. Now we've got to head back home and focus on winning the League and the Champions League, so we can come back next year.

Rafael Marquez (FC Barcelona, Spain)
It really hurts to lose like that, especially since we were the dominant side and had more chances. They did their jobs well and so it's pointless talking about who deserved to win or not.

Eidur Gudjohnsen  (FC Barcelona, Spain)
They played well, they were tactically disciplined and got plenty of men behind the ball. We just couldn't break them down. We had several goalscoring opportunities but didn't take them, whereas they only had two clear chances and they're champions.

Carles Puyol (FC Barcelona, Spain)
They tracked back really well and didn't let us move the ball around freely. We knew beforehand that we'd be up against a very good side. It doesn't make any difference whether they deserved it or not. They won the game and that's what matters. I think we made a good lasting impression and, while there are always positive conclusions to be drawn from defeats, now's not really the time to go into that. Let's just see if we can put this disappointment behind us first.

Victor Valdes (FC Barcelona, Spain)
It's always painful to lose in the final. They've got a good team, who knew exactly what they were doing, and who were able to take the only clear chance that came their way. Now we need to pick ourselves up and focus on the challenges ahead.