Reactions to FIFA's innovative Club World Championship have been overwhelmingly positive, and not just in the host country Brazil.

Media coverage has been extensive, with many journalists coming to Brazil in mid-tournament as the event gathered pace and publicity.

"The Championship has shown once again that there are no easy matches any more," says FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter. "That has been fairly evident in national team competitions for many years now, and now we can see it's true of clubs, too.

"When you see, as we have here, a club like South Melbourne manage to hold their own against teams like Manchester United and Vasco da Gama, you are left in no doubt about the tournament's credibility in the sporting sense. It's FIFA's duty to give teams - clubs as well as national - from all the world's continents the chance to compete against the best.

"I'm sure this event is here to stay. We have to work out the details a little more closely: how often, in which month, where - and that's what we'll do next.

"It's been a superb tournament, and I really believe that we have been witnessing a page of football history."