Teams in the first FIFA Club World Championship will be competing for a new trophy, designed by the Italian studio Sawaya and Moroni.

The trophy, of brushed silver, stands 47.5 centimetres high, with four rectangular pillars supporting a ball. The structure of the pillars spells out the letters FIFA.

The trophy weighs just under 4 kilos and has a production cost of about USD. 25,000. The winners will retain the original trophy until the next edition of the competition, as well as receiving a replica for their permanent possession.

The new trophy will be presented at the FIFA press conference in the Rio Sheraton on Tuesday 4 January (14.30).

“The concept of the new trophy is intended to fit into the overall range of FIFA trophies,” said FIFA Communications Director, Keith Cooper. “It also bears a certain resemblance to the official trophy awarded to the winners of the European-South American Cup, now played annually in Tokyo, which in a way has been a precursor of the new world competition.”

Sawaya and Moroni were the designers of the highly acclaimed new trophy introduced at the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup in the United States. “Just as the women’s trophy had a distinct feminine note to it, so this new trophy is more masculine,” said designer William Sawaya. “It is also inspired by a classic sense of geometry and architecture, enduring concepts just like the status of a World Champion.”