The eight teams participating in the first FIFA Club World Championship will share a total of 28 million US Dollars in prize money.

The financial rewards will be distributed as follows :

  • To each of the four teams eliminated in the first round : USD. 2.5 million
  • To the team losing the play-off for third place : USD. 3 million
  • To the team finishing third : USD. 4 million
  • To the losing finalists : USD. 5 million
  • To the Champions : USD. 6 million

This is the first time that FIFA has offered prize money as such to teams playing in a FIFA competition.

In the World Cup finals, each of the 32 national federations receives a fixed sum for each of the matches its team plays, which means that the top four teams all receive the same amount with no win bonus. At France 98, each team received approximately USD. 650,000 per match.