FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019™

FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019™

11 December - 21 December 2019

FIFA Club World Cup 2019

Ticket Transfer and Resale

You may not sell, offer for sale, resell, offer at auctions, donate, act as a commercial Ticket agent for another party, or otherwise transfer your Ticket in any way that is not expressly permitted by FIFA.

Any unauthorised transfer constitutes a violation of the General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Tickets. In such cases, your Tickets may be cancelled. As a consequence, FIFA may:

a) refuse to deliver the Ticket to the Ticket Applicant;

b) refuse entry into the Stadium to the Ticket Holder;

c) eject the Ticket Holder from the Stadium;

d) seize the Ticket;

e) electronically invalidate the Ticket as well as electronically invalidate and cancel any other Tickets bearing the Ticket Holder’s name, if such other Tickets are determined to have also been the subject of a violation;

f) file suit to enforce the relevant terms, laws and regulations and claim damages, if appropriate; and/or

g) notify governmental authorities of any such violation.

In such cases, you are not entitled to any refund or further compensation. Upon request from FIFA, you must explain how, from whom, for what consideration and from where you obtained your Tickets.

If you cannot attend a Match or Double-Header, you may put all of your Tickets for that Match/Double-Header up for Resale on the official FIFA Resale Platform, subject to the applicable conditions.

If any of your Guests cannot attend a Match/Double-Header, you may transfer their Ticket to another Guest or put their Ticket up for Resale on the official FIFA Resale Platform, subject to the Ticket Transfer and Resale Terms.

Please click on the button “Ticket Transfer and Resale Terms” to read all the applicable conditions.

Ticket Resale offers may be submitted on the official FIFA Resale Platform until 2 December at 13:00 CET/15:00 in Doha. Tickets cannot be submitted for Resale outside of this dedicated time frame.

The Ticket Purchaser must submit his/her Ticket(s) for Resale via the respective Ticketing Account on the official FIFA Resale Platform at the same price for which the Ticket was originally purchased, i.e. the Ticket’s face value.

The Ticket Purchaser will not be asked to confirm his/her acceptance of the Ticket Resale. Once a Ticket is communicated as resold, the Resale is treated as final, regardless of whether or not the Resale Ticket Applicant wishes to cancel the purchase.

Resale is not guaranteed. If the Ticket(s) are not resold, no Resale proceeds will be returned to the Ticket Purchaser, and the Ticket(s) will remain valid for the respective Match/Double-Header. Upon closure of the official FIFA Resale Platform by FIFA, any Tickets that have not been resold will be automatically reinstated to the Ticket Purchaser’s Ticketing Account. Any unsold Tickets reinstated to the Ticketing Account may only be used by the Ticket Purchaser, accompanied by his/her Guest(s) (as applicable).

Provided a Ticket has not yet been resold, a Ticket Purchaser may change his/her mind and take his/her Ticket(s) off the official FIFA Resale Platform by selecting the option in his/her Ticketing Account at any time prior to such Ticket being resold and the official FIFA Resale Platform not having been closed by FIFA.

In the event that a Ticket is successfully resold, the Ticket Purchaser will receive a refund based on the face-value price of the Ticket less an administration fee (“Resale fee”) for the amount of the higher of five per cent (5%) of the respective Ticket face value or two Qatari riyals (QAR 2), for each Ticket identified in the Ticket Resale that is actually resold, and any bank charges as may be applicable.

If a Ticket is resold, FIFA will initiate the payment of Resale proceeds to the Ticket Purchaser no later than thirty (30) days after FIFA has closed the official FIFA Resale Platform.

These proceeds will be provided to the Ticket Applicant by way of a credit to the payment card used in his/her Ticket Application. If the refund attempt fails, FIFA Ticketing will communicate this information to the Ticket Applicant via email, along with instructions as to how he/she can provide an alternative payment method for the Resale proceeds.

Accessibility Tickets are approved by FIFA on an individual basis, based on the verification of eligibility, and therefore Accessibility Tickets are not eligible for resale on the Resale Platform. If a Ticket Purchaser wishes to resell an Accessibility Ticket, he/she must contact FIFA within the Resale Window by email at The Ticket Purchaser will be required to submit the relevant Accessibility Ticket to FIFA together with any “companion Ticket(s)” obtained in conjunction with that Accessibility Ticket.

To submit your Ticket(s) for Resale, please select “Resell Tickets”.

Customers wishing to apply for Tickets on the official FIFA Resale Platform may access the platform via their FIFA Ticketing Account until 2 December at 13:00 CET/15:00 in Doha.

Each Ticket Resale to a Resale Ticket Applicant, being a member of the general public, shall be governed by the Ticket Sales Regulations for General Public and the General Terms and Conditions. In particular, a Resale Ticket Applicant shall be deemed a Ticket Applicant in accordance with the Ticket Sales Regulations for General Public.

A customer who has purchased Tickets using the official FIFA Resale Platform is not permitted to conduct a Ticket Resale, as stated in the Ticket Transfer and Resale Terms.

To apply for Tickets on the Resale Platform, please select “Apply for Tickets on Resale Platform”.

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