FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012

FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012

6 December - 16 December

FIFA Club World Cup 2012

‘Moment of Hope’ at Japan 2012 final

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter takes part in a ceremony in honour of the victims of the 2011 earthquake in Japan
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The final of the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012 has been preceded by a ‘Moment of Hope’, a stirring round of applause for all those suffering around the world.

Players, fans and officials all joined in the ovation, which took place just before Chelsea and Corinthians kicked off the tournament’s showpiece fixture at Yokohama International Stadium.

The ‘Moment of Hope’ came accompanied by an announcement calling for a show of unity and comradeship from the football fraternity.

"Despite difficulties and challenges in life, football unites the people of the world through friendship, respect and fair play,” the sell-out crowd were told. “Let us transmit a message of hope and emotion to the world by standing and applauding for a ‘Moment of Hope’ for all those who suffer around the world to let them know that the football community stands together with them in solidarity!”

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